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    FAP&DPF Service is a service for modifying engine control unit firmware.

    We specialize in modifying the firmware in the ECU of cars and other vehicles.

    Over 10 years on the market!

    We perform the following types of modifications:

    Programmatic removal:
    DPF (diesel particulate filter), EGR (exhaust gas recirculation), DTC (diagnostic trouble codes reset), SCR (selective catalytic reduction) / AdBlue, Lambda / О2 (oxygen sensor), Swirl Flaps, NOx (catalytic converter), Torque Monitoring, MAF Sensor (mass airflow sensor), StartStop system disabling, TVA (throttle valve actuator), VMax (disabling or changing speed limiter), IMMO (immobilizer), Hot Start Fix, Boost Sensor Calibration, chip tuning, and other bespoke works.